The Tuckers of Ohio

Adelaide Tucker (1858-1922)

The Tucker‘s ancestral roots extend back to Colonial America (as recounted above, “The Tuckers of Massachusetts“). Adelaide’s grandparents, Caleb Tucker (1774-1853) and Catherine Billings (1776-1852), were born in Massachusetts. Her father, Thomas B. Tucker (1806-1866), was a native of New York state where he worked as a “lumber manufacturer.” Thomas’s first wife, Laura Lyon (1809-1843), bore him nine children. She passed away just a few months after the birth of their daughter, Sarah. Sometime around 1845, Thomas moved to Rollersville, Ohio, a tiny village about five miles south of Woodville that had achieved official “town” status only six years earlier. He thus settled in as a farmer in the same Woodville region where the Clinks lived. Thomas’s second wife and Adelaide’s mother was Hester Mohler (1830-1859) (see above, “Thomas B. Tucker & Hester Mohler”).

Adelaide “Addie” Tucker (1858-1922)[1] was born on October 8, 1858,[2] in farmland adjacent to the Muskellunge Creek, a couple of miles west of Fremont, Ohio. Her father, Thomas, was 52, and her mother, Hester, was 28.

Her father passed away in 1866. As seen earlier (in the New York to Ohio page), her mother, Hester, remarried in 1870 and teenager “Addie” and her brother had taken up residence in their step-father’s home in Woodville. Just a few years later, in 1875, she married Reuben Eastman Clink in Sandusky, Ohio. She died on July 28, 1922, in Woodville, Ohio, at the age of 63, and was buried in the Pemberville Cemetery.

Adelaide Tucker was Bonnie Jackson’s great grandmother. A few of Bonnie’s aunts and uncles might well have known Addie as children, but she died when Bonnie was just eighteen months old and I don’t recall her ever talking about her great-grandparents or their lineage.

Adelaide Tucker’s Children

Matilda Mae “Tillie” Clink was Bonita Jackson’ grandmother. Her biography is particularized below.

Gertrude Esther Clink (1882-1959) married Fred Smith, Jr. (1879-1965), a Pemberville farm laborer and oil field worker. They spent the rest of their lives in the little Ohio town, raising two children.

Less is known about Bertha M. Clink (1885-1967), but she also married an oil field laborer, Luther George Miller (1887-1971), lived in Woodville, and had one daughter, Fern Joan Miller (1910-2004).

Wallace Orrin Clink (1889-1941) married Amelia Millie Richard (1891-1983), a farmer’s daughter from Liberty Township. They had four children.

Wallace was apparently not of the same robust health as so many of his male progenitors and died at the age of 52 after a prolonged illness.

Little is known about Lowell Harold Clink (1902-1964). He apparently left the family farm at an early age and moved to Indiana and then to Toledo. He was a career auto mechanic. Lowell married Indiana native Grace Velma Ladd (1905-1992) in 1935.

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[1] One or two sources suggest her name may have been Rebecca Adelaide, but it is not recorded this way in any official documents.
[2] 1929 obituary states her birth year as 1853; almost certainly an error.
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