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Oldest Ancestors

Here are some of the most remote relatives that can be reliably traced.


Waleran de Meulan (ca. 902-ca. 986) Born in Meulan-en-Yvelines, France 34th great-grandfather
Liegardis Amiens (ca. 902-991) Born in Meulan-en-Yvelines, France 34th great-grandmother


William de Mauduit I (1010-1038)
Avelina Meulan (1014-1081)
Saint Martin-du-Bosc, Normandy 31st great-grandparents


Renaud Wynterward, Lord of Wentworth (1030-1066) Born Wentorh, Yorkshire, England 29th great-grandfather

Bonnie’s oldest English ancestor.


Hugh Capet, Count of Vermandois (1057-1102) 28th great-grandfather


George Douglas, Earl of Angus (1378-1402) Born North Berwick, Scotland 17th great-grandfather
Maria Stewart (1385-1460) Born Dumfermline, Scotland 17th great-grandmother

This line leads, seven generations later, to Walter Haynes (1583-1664) and Elizabeth Gourd (1585-1659) who arrived in America in 1638.


Robert Noyes (1390-1432) Born in Suffolk, England 16th great-grandfather
Alice Hastings (1393-1437) Born in Suffolk, England. 16th great-grandmother

Big Families

Large families have been commonplace among the Billick/Jackson ancestors. Here are some of the most abundant families.

Isaac Mixer (1629-1716) Bonnie’s 7th great-grandfather Fathered 15 children between 1656 and 1682. By two of his three wives. Thirteen by Rebecca Garfield. One died in infancy and another at birth.
Johannes Eisenhauer 1727-1789; and Veronica Freney Meyer 1737-1777 Bonnie’s 5th great-grandparents At least 13 children between 1753-1777. So Veronica was pregnant just about half of her adult life. Three are known to have died very young. Margaretha, at 2 years, 9 months. Son, Joseph, at 2 years, 2 months. Son, Jacob, 1 year, 9 months.
George Phillip Eisenhauer (1754-1828)
Eva Klinefelter (1758-1803); and Elizabeth Bixler (1768-1828)
Bonnie’s 4th great-grandparents George Phillip, Johannes’s son, fathered 16 children, including two sets of twins, between 1781 and 1821. He was 66 years old when his last son was born. He had 11 children by his first wife, Eva, including two sets of twins; and five by his second wife, Elizabeth.
Alfred Krotzer (1873-1952), and Matilda Clink (1878-1962) Bonnie’s grandparents 13 children between 1899-1921.
John Haynes (1621-1697) and Dorothy Noyes (1627-1715) Bonnie’s 8th great-grandparents 12 children between 1644-1670; two after Dorothy’s 40th birthday.
Peter Klingler (1756-1833) and Mary Elizabeth Haag (1759-1839) Bonnie’s 3rd great-grandparents 12 children between 1783 and 1807; five born after Elizabeth turned 40; the last when she was 47 years old. One set of twins, Adam and Catharina, born in August of 1784.


Two ancestors were among the accused witches in Salem, MA, in 1692.

  • Elizabeth Jackson Howe (1635-1692). Wife of Bonnie’s 9th great-uncle. Found guilty in Salem Trials and hanged in November of 1692.
  • Abigail Dane Faulkner (1652-1730). A relative of Mary Faulkner Marble, Bonnie’s 7th great-grandmother. Accused in 1692; eventually exonerated.

Childhood Deaths

Given the very large number of children traced in the family tree, there are surprisingly few documented deaths of young children or infants.

John Bray (1525-1615) and Margaret Haslonde (1536-1588) lost six children.

John Born 1554 Died at age 4 months
Margaret Born 1556/57 Died at age 2 months
Laurence Born 1558 Died about age 13
Joan Born 1560 Died in infancy, perhaps stillborn
Thomas Born 1562 Died about age 8
Henry Born 1605 Died in infancy

Thomas Whitney (1550-1637) and Mary Beth Bray (1563-1629) also had six children die in infancy. Mary was a daughter of John Bray and Margaret Haslonde (above).

Thomas Born 1587 Died at 3 weeks
Henry Born 1588 Dies at about age 8 weeks
Arnwaye Born 1590 Died at age 19 months
Nowell Born 1594 Died at 18 months
Mary Born 1600 Died at age 6 days
Robert Born 1605 Dies at age 4

John Whitney (1588-1673) and Elinor (surname?) (1599-1659).

Mary Born 1619 Died at age 6
Caleb Born 1640 Died same day

Isaac Mixer (1579-1642) and his second wife Susan.

Mary Born 1628 Died a couple of days after birth

John Howe, Sr. (1620-1680) and Mary Martha Jones (1618-1672).

Almy Mary Born 1645 Died at 4 weeks
Mary Born 1646 Died

Dorothy Badcock (1652-1686) and husband John Daniels (1648-1718) had eleven children, four of whom died early.

William Born 1674/75 Died before age 2
Doroth and Mary, twins Born 1676 Both died before their 12th birthday
John Born 1680 Died 1685, age 5
Hannah Born 1681 Died at age 14

Adam Brunthaver (1748-1846) and Maria Magdalena Kunkle (1762-1846).

Unnamed infant Born 1794 Died in infancy

John F. Krotzer (1841-1934) and Susannah Eisenhour (1845-1885) and husband John Daniels (1648-1718) had eleven children, four of whom died early.

Unnamed daughter Born 1868 Died at birth
Cary Amelia Born 1880 Died 1884, at age 3
Unnamed daughter Born 1883 Died in infancy
Cora May Born 1884 Died at age 8 months


Many ancestors participated in the nation’s endless wars. This list is not exhaustive. More details are available for some individuals: consult the index for page references for people, wars and battles.


  • Hugh Capet (1057-1102). Bonnie Jackson’s 28th great-grandfather. Participated in a Minor Crusade at the 2nd Battle of Heraclea, in 1101.
  • Robert Grosvenor (1160-ca. 1230). Bonnie’s 25th great-grandfather. Fought in the Third Crusade, ca. 1190.
  • Robert Hougham (1150-1230). Bonnie’s 23rd great-grandfather. Fought in the Third Crusade, ca. 1190.

King Phillip’s War

  • William Hagar (1594-1675). Bonnie Jackson’s 10th great-grandfather. Died in the “Great Swamp Fight” (also called Battle of Narragansett Bay, RI) in encounter with the Narragansett tribe in December 1675.
  • Nathaniel Healy (1658-1734). Bonnie’s 8th great uncle. Wounded in “Great Swam Fight.” (Nathaniel not described in this document.)
  • Benjamin Whitney (1660-1736). Bonnie’s 8th great-uncle.

Revolutionary War

  • Joseph Mixer (1705-1794). Bonnie’s Jackson’s 5th great-grandfather. His sons also served: Timothy Mixer (1748-1819), Asa Mixer (1746-1849), and Joseph Mixer (1731-1810)
  • Jedediah Tucker (1712-1811). Bonnie’s 5th great-grandfather.
  • Adam Brunthaver (1748-1834). Bonnie’s 4th great-grandfather, served several years in the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment. May have been a participant in the Battle of Long Island, the Battle of Brandywine, and at Valley Forge
  • Johan Peter Eisenhour (1772-1789).
  • Phillip Eisenhour (1754-1828). Johan Peter’s son.
  • John Klingler (1738-1787). Bonnie’s 4th great-grandfather.
  • Peter Klingler (1756-1833). John’s son. Berks County, PA, Militia.
  • Joseph Fay (1738-1777). Bonnie’s 6th cousin. Severely injured in the Second Battle of Stillwater, NY; died in November of 1777.

War of 1812

  • Adam Brunthaver, Jr. (1787-1861). Bonnie’s 3rd great-grandfather.
  • Martin Eisenhauer (ca. 1795-ca. 1859).

Civil War

  • Adam Brunthaver III (1845-1880). Enlisted at age 16. Taken prisoner in Mississippi and spent some 18 months at Andersonville Prison in Georgia.
  • Daniel Brunthaver (1803-1862). Bonnie’s 4th great-uncle. Enlisted in Pennsylvania Infantry at age 58. Served five months and died of injuries sustained in battle in 1862.
  • Martin Brunthaver (1843-1910). Bonnie’s 3rd great-uncle. Enlisted in Ohio Infantry in 1862, at age 19. Participated in the Siege of Vicksburg in 1863.
  • Charles Brunthaver (1848-1920). Bonnie’s cousin. Joined the Ohio Calvary in 1864, two months before his 16th Participated in General Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. Suffered the loss of his right arm.
  • Wilson Kratzer (1841-1862). Distant relative. Killed at the Battle of Shiloh, April 1862.
  • John Clay Kratzer (1839-1862). Distant relative. Killed at the Battle of Bull Run.

Spanish American War (1898)

  • Claud Clink (1876-1889).

World War I

  • Joseph Jablonski (1900-ca. 1960). Bonnie’s great-uncle.
  • Stanislaw Jablonski (1892-1974). Bonnie’s great-uncle. Served 1918-1919 in France and Germany. Reported to have suffered lung damage from gas.

World War II

  • Paul Wallace Krotzer (1921-2002). Navy 1942-46, in South Pacific.
  • Robert Eastman Krotzer (1908-1979). Army Infantry 1943-45.
  • Albert Griffith Krotzer (1910-1996). U.S. Army, 1942-45.
  • Paul Billick (1916-1984). U.S. Army, 1941-45.
  • Donald Billick (1920-1994). U.S. Air Force, 1942-1950; 1951-65.
  • John Jackson, Jr. (1922-2007). U.S. Air Force.

Vietnam War

  • Paul J. Billick (1941-2021). U.S. Marine Corps.
  • Donald M. Billick, Jr. (1946- ). Served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the USAF.
  • Lynn R. Krotzer (1950-1969). U.S. Marine Corps. Killed in action, 21 Mar 1969, two days after his 19th birthday. He had just arrived in Vietnam on March 9th.
  • Donald M. Krotzer (1946-1967). U.S. Army. Killed by friendly fire, 25 Nov 1967. A second cousin of Bonnie Jackson (not discussed in this document).


David Howe 1674-1759 About a 9th cousin of Bonnie Jackson Opened the Red Horse Inn (also referred to as the “Howe Tavern”) in 1716.
Howard Krotzer 1901-1954 Bonnie’s uncle Howard’s Bungalow and The Garden Inn in Toledo
John Krotzer 1917-1969 Bonnie’s uncle Howard’s Bungalow and The Garden Inn in Toledo. Krotzer’s Steak House
Viola Staschke Krotzer. John’s wife Bonnie’s aunt Waitress
Ester Krotzer 1906-1980 Bonnie’s aunt Cook at Edith’s Restaurant and Lutz’s Inn in Gibsonburg, OH
Dorothy Krotzer Jackson Snyder Bonnie’s mother Owner of Dolly and Joe’s Restaurant in Toledo
Bonnie Jackson Billick Waitress


Ancestors who lived to be older than 85. This is surely not a complete list.

Name Age Relationship to Bonnie Jackson
James Howe, Sr. (1598-1702) 104 9th great-grandfather
John Lambert (1489-1589) 100 12th great-grandfather
Ruth Whitney (1645-1744) 99 8th great-aunt
Jedediah Tucker (1712-1811) 98 5th great-grandfather
Peter Daniels (1554-1652) 98 10th great-grandfather
Christiana Fort (ca. 1440-ca. 1536) 96 14th great-grandmother
Samuel Shattuck (1594-1689) 95 9th great-grandfather
Nicholas Picard (1066-1160) 94 27th great-grandfather
Thomasine Foxley (1495-1589) 94 12th great-grandmother
Alice Arderne (1412-1506) 94 15th great-grandmother
Peter Haynes (1654-1748) 94 8th great-uncle (son of Dorothy Noyes, below)
John Cockram Spray (1550-1643) 93 11th great-grandfather
Jean Russell (1593-1686) 93 9th great-grandmother
John Philip Kratzer (1695-1788) 93 5th great-grandfather
John F. Krotzer (1841-1934) 93 Great-grandfather
Judith Stephens (1595-1687) 92 Wife (2nd) of 8th great-grandfather
Thomas Whitney (1627-1719) 91 9th great-uncle
Joanna Shattuck (1679-1770) 91 6th great-grandmother
Catherine Cotton (circa 1490-1580) 90 13th great-grandmother
John Bray (1525-1615) 90 11th great-grandfather
Sarah Fay (1710-1800) 90 5TH great-grandmother
Joseph Mixer (1705-1794) 89 5th great-grandfather
Dorothy Noyes (1627-1715) 88 8th great-grandmother
Mary Brunthaver Walter (1854-1942) 88 Cousin
Bonita Jablonski Keating (1924-2010) 88 1st cousin
Josiah Howe 1678-1766) 87 6th great-grandfather
John Foskett (1602-1688) 86 8th great-grandfather
Timothy Fay (1716-1802) 86 6th great-uncle (brother of Sarah Fay, above)
Jedediah Tucker (1769-1856) 86 4th great-uncle
Alfred G. Krotzer (1910-1996) 86 Uncle
Mary Brunthaver Clink (1813-1898) 85 2nd great-grandmother
John L. Jackson (1898-1984) 85 Father

Paul Billick’s family; Bonnie’s in-laws

Michael Billick (1906-1996) 90 Brother-in-law; Paul’s brother
Anna Billick Mazur (1907-1996) 88 Sister-in-law; Paul’s sister
Helen Billick Osowik (1918-1906) 88 Sister-in-law; Paul’s sister
Tekla Holowka Billick (1882-1968) 86 Mother-in-law; Paul’s mother
Louis C. Billick (1879-1964) 85 Father-in-law; Paul’s father

Founders of Towns, etc.

Quite a few early Jackson ancestors were founders of colonial towns.

Isaac Mixer (1579-1642) Watertown, MA
John Whitney (1588-1673) Watertown, MA
Peter Noyes (1590-1667) Sudbury, MA
James Howe, Sr. (1598-1702) Marlborough, MA
Nathaniel Billings (1600-1673) Concord, MA
William Ward (1603-1687) Sudbury, MA
William Sibley Shattuck (ca. 1622-1672) Watertown, MA
Edmund Faulkner (1623-1686) Andover, MA
William Hagar (1625-1684) Watertown, MA
Joshua Whitney (1636-1719) Groton, MA
Hans Georg Schöllhammer (1727-1797) Schellhammersville, PA
David Kratzer (1774-1853) Kratzerville, PA

Famous People

So who were some of our more famous ancestors? There are a few very remote ancestors who can be classified as “famous”:

  • Hugh Capet (ca. 939-996), a founder of the House of Capet that ruled the Kingdom of France from 897 to 1328. Bonnie’s 31st great grandfather.
  • Alice Hastings (1393-1437), wife of Robert Noyes (1390-1432), and Bonnie Jackson’s 16th great-grandparents; was possibly a daughter of Elizabeth Plantagenet (1363-1425), a member of the famous English royal family (but never one of the Plantagenet queens).

More contemporaneously, the family has ties to a famous philanthropist:

  • Peter Bent Brigham (1807-1877), founder of the famous Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston was a distant nephew of Mary Brigham (1638-1676), first wife of Bonnie’s 7th great grandfather, John Fay I (1648-1690).

The family has rather tenuous links to three U.S. Presidents:

  • Mary Coolidge (1637-1660), 1st wife of Isaac Mixer, III, Bonnie’s 7th great grandfather, was a remote relative of President Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933).
  • Rebecca Garfield (1640-1682), 2nd wife of Isaac Mixer, III; she was Bonnie’s 7th great grandmother, and a distant relative of 20th U.S. President, James A. Garfield (1831-1881).
  • Martin Eisenhauer (1795-1860), Bonnie’s 3rd great grandfather, was a great-great-great grandfather of President Dwight David Eisenhower (1890-1969).

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